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Commercial Services

Criterium-Henderson Engineers provides a wide range of commercial building services. Because our clients have different needs and no two commercial buildings are alike, our reports are tailored to fit your individual needs. Among the many services we offer are:

  • Assessment of Condition
    • Helps answer the question, "To buy, or not to buy?"
  • Feasibility Studies
    • Everything you should know before making capital investments in your property.
  • Problem Solving/Diagnostics
    • When a problem or defect occurs, we determine the cause and cure.
  • Maintenance Planning
    • Five or ten-year maintenance plans complete with budgeting and scheduling information.
  • Dispute Resolution
    • If the dispute is tied to building defects or problems, we can help resolve it.
  • Environmental Assessments
    • Assess the risk of pollutants present with an inspection and property record review.
  • Progress Payment Inspections
    • Requirements for release of construction financing and cost-to-complete estimates for distressed/foreclosed properties.
  • Americans With Disabilities Act Audits
    • A survey of the building's architectural barriers for compliance with this civil liberties law.
  • Seismic Retrofitting Design
  • Construction Field Review
  • Non-Structural Seismic Restraints Design

These are our most requested services, but there are many others. If it's building related, chances are Criterium-Henderson Engineers can fulfill your requirements. 

Who Are Our Clients?
Criterium-Henderson Engineers' clients cross every level of the business world: buyers and sellers, building owners and facilities managers, real estate agents, developers, lenders, attorneys, and insurers. Complete references are gladly provided upon request.

Our Approach: The Criterium-Henderson Engineers Method
To provide reliable results across a broad spectrum of needs, every Criterium-Henderson Engineers project/report includes six key elements. 

  • Expertise
    • Each engineering team is carefully selected for your project and has many years of experience. 
  • Communication
    • In our opinion, this is the most important aspect of our business. We listen well, keep you informed throughout the process, and provide a final report that, although thorough and complete with technical information, is easy to read and understand. 
  • Thorough Investigation
    • Comprehensive, according to time-proven standards, to fully understand the unique requirements of your project. 
  • Research-Evaluation
    • Our engineering staff assembles and evaluates data and applicable codes and regulations, or any other issues for which you need answers. A written report follows. 
  • Internal Review
    • Reports are reviewed in-house to insure technical accuracy, thoroughness and readability. 
  • Ongoing Support
    • Even after you have received the final report, our engineers and architects remain available for questions and further study.